Hi, I'm Radical Monster

And I'm always hungry

Who is Radical Monster?


I was born out of necessity. Some gamers were getting bored as more gamestudios kept re-creating the same game over and over again. A small group of gamers from all around the world started praying for different games to the Gamer Gods, and not soon after their prayers were heard. The Gamer Gods created a monster that was so radically different it was afraid of itself. This is how I came to be.


The ultimate anti-hero, doomed to fail. A dreamer that is ironically fascinated by realism. Hiding in my anti-hero cave, dreaming about an apocalyptic future. Spending my time behind a window looking into my virtual reality. Proudly “addicted” to working on radical concepts and storylines for games and animations. I’m like a creative chameleon, adapting my style to match the needs of the projects that I believe in.

What does Radical Monster love?


I love you! No just kidding. I only love you as breakfast. I love life, in all its beautiful forms. I think I respect death equally, but never met her, so I can’t be sure. From what I’ve heard she’s the quite type, so I hope I’ll hook up with her when my fur is long and grey.

I love nature as it keeps the world in balance, as long as humans become humble again that is. I love everything out of the ordinary.

I love dreaming and using my imagination to create my own perfect world in which I spend most of my days. I love games, movies and animations.

I love cooking human meat! Did you know the best tasting part is a small muscle connecting the thumb to the hand?

What does Radical Monster hate?


I hate ‘That’s just the way it is”. It can’t be the way it is, everything in nature is dynamic and constantly changing. The human animal just has a taste for wanting to stop evolving processes. I hate greed as it has forgotten about empathy and the power of sharing. I hate the mindless urge for endless growth. As nature shows us, everything works in cycles, what goes up, must come down.

The unhairy life of a monster


My relationship with nature is one of deep love and fiercefull hate.

As time went by, I've come to accept my unhairy fate.


#Radical Monster


I eat humans when I'm hungry